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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Samuel Roy who was born in Texas on May 22, 2001 and passed away on July 24, 2006 at the age of 5. We will remember him forever. He fought long and hard against cancer he was awsome
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Strength  / Jef's Aunt Tammy FLORES (MY FRIEND )
I met Sammy at Cook's hospital during his battle with cancer. I was shocked & amazed at Sammy Katrina&Josh's strength.It was absolutely heroic how the three were able to keep their sense of humor.Sammy made us laugh when it seemed we would ne...  Continue >>
sammy  / Katrins (mommy)
i love you little man its gonna be 3 yrs this july seems like yesterday.
sammy  / Katrina Roy (mommy)
my angel i love you! To everyone who is out there thanks for caring fr us like yall do we love each and everyone of you from are hearts to yours katrina roy
the song   / Katrina Roy (mommy)
the song was wrote for Sammy by Priscilla Fulcher she did the fund raisers for him at wal-mart she loved him and was very heartbroken when he left the song is out on her album back home in texas. thank you priscilla with all my heart thank you katrin...  Continue >>
my angel   / Katrina (mommy)
hi baby you been gone now 15mths everyone misses you i love you jacobs having a hard time he keeps telling everyone sammy died hes in heaven he misses you so much i love you angel keep a place for me angel
I miss you so much  / Great Aunt Sharron (Great Aunt )    Read >>
Remembering you and Samuel  / Yolanda Rogers     Read >>
my lil cowboy  / Aunt Sharron (Great Aunt )    Read >>
my angel  / Katrina Roy (mommy)    Read >>
birthday / Katrina Roy (mommy)    Read >>
Remembering you and Sammy  / Yolanda Rogers     Read >>
Sammy u are missed  / Tabitha Shepherd (Cousion In law/ Aunt )    Read >>
my baby forever  / Katrina Roy (mommy)    Read >>
Holding on to an Angel  / Kathy Hunter (Mom To Angel Noah)     Read >>
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His legacy
sammy was strong from the begining he loved spongebob and met him at disneyland sammy was diagnosed with neuroblastoma june 14th he defide the odds several times later to find out june 7th a yr later he was in cureable he touched a lot of peoples hearts and alot of people he will be missed sammy after he got eased from the cancer he could read at 4 and write never being taut he was very smart for a 4 yr old and talked all the time after he got eased 
The love of a child you will never forget to go through life with this whole in my heart seems unreal i know its been done but my family seems so incomplete but Sammy taut me so much he gave our family love for 5 blessed years god gave me an angel i cant wait till i see him again my little man

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